Hi and welcome,

You are probably wondering what's happened to Radio Clubzone.

We had some problems with our former partner regarding the economics over a year ago so we had to to put Radio Clubzone on ice for a while until we solved it.

It's expensive to run an internet radio station here in Sweden. Stim and Ifpi thinks there is alot of money involved cause they compare it to regular radio (where it is a lot of money involved) but that isn't the case. In reality we pay 100% in fees and that is unacceptable and takes away all the fun. We don't get paid, we do this on a non-profit basis because it is fun, well it was fun.

Because of this we decided to make a change in our non-profit organisation and now it's all about House Music, #RealHouseMusic. We decided to be like some kind of an organisation that's gonna present and explain real House Music to the public, not the common "House Music" that is known today (what we feel is not real House Music) but with soul, disco influences, back to the roots etc.

We will do this with the help of ALOT of researches, interviews, readings, books, movies, you name it and introduce, first, the history of House Music (some are known and some or not) and then nurish #RealHouseMusic with workshops, presentations and the most exciting - club nights with the same consept as the first ones laying ground to House Music, trying to get the same feeling as they had. It will be a real challenge and very very fun.

We will get back with more info as it comes but there is a lot of planning right now.

/Radio Clubzone crew